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Bheeshma Parvam Full Movie Review

Bheeshma Parvam Full Movie Review
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The slick cuts, extensive slow-mo sequences, ultra-stylish staging, exhilarating action episodes, and a soundtrack dominate all other factors. These are some of the very common elements of an Amal Neerad film we all love to watch. It’s the technical superiority that elevates each of his films rather than the substance part. And he does the trick again that miraculously works even within tried-and-tested writing.

Bheeshma Parvam Full Movie Review

Michael is a godfather figure to an influential family in Kochi. But situations start to worsen when his own family members turn back against him which leads to a set of unprecedented events. The secret of a story lies in its storytelling, it’s all about how you dictate it to the audience in the best possible way. Bheeshma Parvam draws inspiration from two epic creations- The Mahabharatha and The Godfather both amalgamate in equal proportion to build a gangster drama that’s worth all the pre-release hype. Bheeshma unfolds like chapters establishing each member of the family and their relationships elaborately. The great array of co-actors aren’t any old-fashioned caricatures but strongly indulge in plot making. The narrative loaded with adrenaline rush stuff isn’t uneven or tries to go beyond imaginations, the grounded stunt sequences and witty punchlines raise momentum at various events loaded with the usual gimmicks of Amal. But is this the best of Amal Neerad? Absolutely not, Bheeshma screws up largely in writing with most scenes ending up predictable. It’s mostly a character-driven world woven together by wonderful performances.

When you’ve a prolific actor it’s common that the makers go overboard with the ‘star’ in him. Amal Neerad doesn’t make a fuss out of the mass hero, rather creates a space where both the star and actor could shine. Mammootty, who looks terrific on screen, marks his territory with great rage and elan. Amal Neerad created a perfectly blended tribute to the star and the actor delivers a knockout act as the invincible patriarch. Soubin Shahir shifts his gear towards the latter half to be the second best in the film. Shine Tom Chacko, Sreenath Bhasi, Farhaan Faasil, Dileesh Pothen are at their usual best and make great partners to this crime drama.

The staggering visuals by Anend C Chandran kept the film high along with the recurring, flamboyant slow moving shots. Sushin Shyam’s right mix of score amplified the fight sequences and added new thrust to the elevation episodes. The makers have kept extensive study in recollecting the vintage items and have meticulously crafted the 80s period. Each buildup or fall is supremely etched backed by sumptuous making.

The lack of a proper anti-hero bothered me very much and Sudeev Nair, who makes a grand entry turns into ashes without leaving any footprints. Bheeshma could be the much-needed push for Mammootty the star, apart from all those visible negligences this lavishly mounted gangster flick is rich in style well equipped to satisfy the commercial cravings in you.

Review by ©Rahul Babu

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