Varisu Movie Review: A story of succession; but with a little success!

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Varisu Review

Vamshi has done Thozha; a film I love for its strong emotional vibrancy and Maharshi, which I wouldn’t want to even recall in my dreams. Varisu is Vamshi’s latest with Vijay in lead and has fared somewhere in between!

Varisu Tamil Full Movie Review

Varisu Movie Review

Vijay’s one man show, though overboard at times mouthing 90s masala dialogues, is undoubtedly the main pillar of support to Varisu. One can’t deny the fact that the sheer entertainment values that Vamshi Paidipally look for gets all its due in Vijay’s ability to quickly shake his legs and muscles; maybe for dance, fight or even comedy! Sarathkumar delivers a convincing performance as the father. Jayasudha looks and feels motherly, even without the Amma song by Thaman. Sham and Srikanth play template sibling characters in this power- succession drama. Nothing about Rashmika!

Thaman manages to pump up the proceedings but one could only wish for better. The songs are fine- goes in flow but Vijay after a series of Anirudh films needed better than this. Karthik Palani’s visuals extract the grand production values, in its full colours. The film could have seriously done away with couple of songs for a more taut narrative. K.L. Praveen has maintained a momentum throughout. For this factor alone, one couldn’t connect with any of the emotional affairs.

The plots are standard and substandard but the screenplay stitches them together without much effort. The result is a film that engages, but with regressive messages in sections and generic treatment.

Overall, Varisu is a festival entertainer with five songs and four songs. Vamshi has kept the film engaging and it is Vijay‘s screen presence that makes this work. That being said, the typical affair aloof of boredom, may not be worth your 3 hours at cinemas!

Review by: Gautham Ravichandran

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